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Yang Short Form (Part One). In comments on our YouTube video one viewer wrote, "Finally! I was wondering when someone was going to upload a 37 short form tai chi video in 'reverse view' I could practice with..Calling out the moves is brilliant." Part Two of this two-part series is the first link below.

View more demonstrations of Tai Chi in practice on our YouTube channel where we help you learn how it is done.

The Spiritual in the Martial

Tai chi must be the most unusual martial art in the world. Your martial prowess in tai chi is based entirely on how much spiritual energy you have generated over the course of your long years of study. The more ch'i, the more powerful.

Tai chi represents the complete fusion of spirituality, exercise and martial art. Without the martial art component, the spiritual component becomes so subjective as to be meaningless. The health component, too, is not nearly so compelling.

In comments on the Chen Manching biography clip (above) a viewer wrote: "This school, in the Yang tradition, was not about boasting and fighting. True to the philosophy of the Tao, their approach to practice was one of humility."

"I don't think Cheng Man Ching pursued fame and I believe what this man said about him: he was never beat. Other forms of martial arts are about aquiring status by earning belts. This form of tai chi was not about that at all. So if you were looking for "show" you might leave disappointed."

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