The Origins

The roots of Tai Chi

The embodiment of Chinese Taoist philosophy, the Soft overcoming the Hard. Power accumulated through years of study and contemplation.

Chi - the direct current bioelectricity of the body, generated chiefly by the brain, amplified by time and tai chi practice.

Yin and yang - the equal opposite components of chi, explored and cultivated through quiet exercise.

  • Studies say Tai Chi increases muscle strength, balance, flexibility and aerobic conditioning
  • Tai Chi has a martial arts component, but without the spiritual aspects of Tai Chi, you'll never get to the martial
  • Osteoarthritis patients in one study reported less joint pain and stiffness after three months of practicing Tai Chi
  • Many people practice Tai Chi for health maintenance and improvement or for mitigating the effects of chronic conditions such as arthritis and normal aging
  • There is a compelling case for using Tai Chi as an adjunct to standard medical treatment for the prevention and rehabilitation of many conditions commonly associated with age

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